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Borderline 「境界線・・・」
Is the graphics community of mikansei and merciless_sky. We are mainly focusing on graphics of japanese indie visual kei bands like icons, friends only banners and if we find time textures, tutorials and brushes.

1. If you take something comment.
2. No stealing, respect our work please and credit our community.
3. At the moment we don't take any requests, sorry!
4. Do never ever hotlink, it takes up our bandwidth and everything might go down.
5. Don't edit our works, we don't make bases. If we make resources you can do whatever you want with them of course as long as you give credit.
6. Don't take the icons from our personal ljs if we don't post them here. They're for our personal use only.
7. All icons are for livejournal use ONLY.

Thanks for reading.
You must join in order to view our works.

Please also note we don't claim the photos themselves as ours. They belong to the bands and only to them, we're just ordinary fans afterall. We don't intend at all to make any profit with anything here.

happyhime, night filth, lucky 117, shit can